Sunday, August 23, 2009

New Portrait series!

Well I recently decided to do a portrait of all the influential actors and characters from my child hood. The First on my list is Hwang jang lee! Anyone who grew up watching clasic late 70s kungfu movies might recognize this kungfu icon. Hwang was more then a inspiration to me as a kid and its an honor to do a portrait of him. This current shot is only about 50% of the progress thus far. The final model will be fully rendered with all the necessary SKin shaders as well as card and software driven hair instead of the current place holder mustache and eyebrows. Some of the other actors ill be doing portraits of are Rutger Hauer, Peter Kwong, Vincent Klyn, and Clancy Brown. Lots more to come on this project.


(OBBI) said...

I really like that character Beautiful sculpt.

Tyson Murphy said...

hey love your blog. nice stuff.

Robert Brown said...

thanks for stopping by guys! I appreciate all the kind words.

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