Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year!


I decided I would put a few words together to sum up some of the clarity and growth I experienced this year. One thing I knew I didn’t want to do was make a new year’s resolution which I stopped doing years ago after I realized resolutions can happen each day and at any given time of the year. So choosing to get into that ideal body weight or go on that extreme hiking trip only takes the spontaneity out of the experience and instead archives it to a timeline as another to do item.

As of July 2016 I will have lived abroad outside the U.S for 2 years now. If you want real clarity I suggest traveling, and not just visiting a location on a tourist route but instead staying there for a month or 2 and getting to know the locals of that region. Try taking public transportation or simply travel on foot and explore the less commercial and scenic routes after doing the whole tourist thing.

 I would suggest doing this both during the day and at night since you will get to see the full spectrum of vibrancy that region has to offer. I have only lived in three different cities in my life thus far but have traveled to several and I can attest that each place has its own personality and the people who inhabit these regions are the personality and character of the city. The way we interact with each other is reflective in everything from our road ethics to the way we greet new faces and potential friends.
 As a new comer to a region you quickly notice how this is embodied from one place to the other depending on your own social/cultural ethics and prior hometown experiences. Living in NZ has given me a vantage point in which I am able to see my own country from different perspective 11k miles away. For a country that has some of the wealthiest, most educated, and inventive people the world renowned it pains me to see only ignorance and violence getting the most global recognition.

We are capable of limitless feats when we come together, yet fear dictates so much of our lives that we lose sight of this fact and cling to familiarity closing our eyes to change and empathy. As we all know the news stations perpetuate the negatives in order to catch subscriber and a rating count, so as someone who grew up in this great nation I can attest that there are a large number of amazing humans that make up the general population and I would suggest for anyone who hasn’t visited the States to do so and be prepared for a change in perspective.


This year was a real accomplishment for me. A few things I have accomplished include becoming a dad again with my second child on the way, learning several new software’s including teaching myself how to visually script/program in a game development engine along with forming a small production team and creating an interactive prototype for a horror game.

 I also stepped into the online merchant’s life which has to my surprise been a success (thanks you to all my supporters and followers) while also teaching a plethora of new classes while juggling the new merchant/freelance projects in-between. If I had doubted myself (which of course I did) and not made the choice to take a chance on any of these ventures I wouldn’t be where I am today. Hell I wouldn’t even be a father or have a wife or be living in another country had my confidence not had a play in my decision making.

It is perfectly normal and expected to fear what you aren’t familiar with, but belief in yourself and a hunger for opportunity and experience are far more important since these are the benefits of a life not wasted. Confidence and reason only work together up to a point where planning and calculation vanish. You can and should do your best to make a decision that yields a predictable outcome but if you aren’t willing to go beyond this foreseeable future then you are only avoiding risk while living under the thumb of fear? Risk is either an exciting or frightening factor in most people’s lives.

You either avoid it or embrace it, only those oblivious to their own life’s path passively embrace risk because of their ignorance to potential alternate outcomes. This in a way can be seen as freedom of mind so if you are this kind of person you most likely aren’t reading this and are instead out in the world laughing it up or living recklessly * cheers! To the rest of us who live with the burden of reason while chasing security my advice to you is think of that child version of yourself who learned to ride a bike knowing you could and would fall off many time before you could confidently balance or the first time you kissed someone you really had a connection with, or that first freelance contract you landed with no prior experience.

 Your fear might have been present then and didn’t stop you in either scenario. I don’t have a recipe as to how one becomes more confident, but I can say that loving what you do, while knowing  what you can do (feeling yourself) are important factors in stepping outside doubt and fear. Take pride in what you do no matter how small or mundane because no one else is better at being you!


Brevity is & art form all its own and as artist we sometimes lose sight of this fact as a result of our love of elaborate expression and verbose story telling. To parrot a quote from a past friend and coworker “its easier to dial up from simplicity then it is to dial down from complexity” -Luis Suarez.
Simplicity is clarity, directness, principle, and instinct. 

I try and clear any confusion I find myself  falling into by asking myself what do I want and what do I need, because the difference between these two answers shows me how much I’m clinging to something that really isn’t adding or detracting from my ability to live freely.

Employ simplicity in your designs and you will construct the core statements that surmise your vision intent.Employ simplicity in your conversations and cut down on the Co2 emissions (joking) while getting your point across faster.

The honest truth is simplicity brings to focus what’s really important and allows us to begin transitioning beyond that point into either a lateral direction building upon that initial concept, or possibly deciphering what would seemingly be too complex to grasp.


At the end of the day no two people can experience life the same way because no one will ever share the same vantage point of seeing the world through your eyes. This is a precious factor of your conscious existence.
You are both the spectator and director of your story which is constantly being told. You owe it to yourself to create interesting chapters in the diary of your life. Enjoy the journey but don’t delude yourself into trying to find yourself in a noun, since you were already born whole.
The “you” and the “self” are synonymous and absolute. We form personality and develop egos as a byproduct of our environments and social ethics, but the child in you is still there hiding behind emotion and intellect. Children see the world in all its beauty even the things we disregard or treat as trivial they find amazing.

 This simple perspective of life has no bias or prejudice of one noun to the other. This perspective is free of any concept of value worth quality or any other polarity creating a separation in the wonder that the observer is experiencing. You can travel the world rekindling that childhood since of awe through all your various interactions and experiences abroad, but still as the saying goes “no matter where you go there you are”. Freedom of the mind and ego is the greatest trip you will ever take.

-Happy 2016 my friends!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

RAAARRRRR!! ..................0_0

Monsters... I love them, you love them, and  who else do we think of when the topic of the  most classic of monsters comes to mind? Godzilla of course! So with his recent re-hatching and total make over, the king Kaiju I had to naturally make a tribute piece in his honor.../her honor?
Im happy with how this turned out and with all my project the acquisition is the real reward in the end.
With this project i learned to sketch and block in mid tones in gray, but when adding color revert back to my original silhouette and drop its value to almost 90% black and then work my tones back up with color and light direction. I also used the base silhouette as overall color layer which really pushed the production forward to its finishing faze.

I also kept my colors desaturated and some what muted during the middle stages of production so that in the end i could add subtle areas of high saturation where i wanted to create focal points of interest.

It was a lot of fun working on this and i think i might do another tribute piece again someday.
If you would like this piece for a wall print for your work space or home I'm selling the digital files with the original psd and all it layers as well as the final image with and with out text for $25.00  24/16" 300dpi

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Alright time for another modeling project!

alright well in light of my ramping up for the production of my game i thought i would share the concept art for my next modeling project. Meet "Jig Jaw"A powerful entity that came forth from the depths of the ocean to hunt and consume the souls of defeated warriors. He is a relentless tyrant who springs forth to eviscerate the other contestants’ at any opportunity. His motives seem to be purely blood lust driven. Some say he is the weapon of a higher power unrevealed to the fighters, but one thing that is certain is he is a dangerous and relentless in his pursuit of fresh souls.
Jag jaw appears as a mutated large muscular biped in a hood and cowl mostly hiding his true form. In his second tier form he appears as  a large towering tyrant with  split jaw and head with shark like features. In this form he has large squid like tentacles that spill down from the sides of his head and  back wrapping around his upper torso. His right arm is a single massive hook shape braid of tentacles that changes from a grappling to a stabbing weapon at will.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Cheers to New beginnings!

Im always apologizing for the lack of consistency with this blog, but the honest truth is im so busy i usually don't get around to posting on it as often as i would like to... yeah i know excuses  excuses...  Well today is Christmas day and I  thought I would make a post and share a sneak peak at some of the rough character concept work that's going into my new game Soul Embers!  There is so much I would like to share that's been going on behind the scenes but ill have to hold back and reveal more in 2014. Ill say this much, 2014 will be a year of great change with new beginnings for me and my family Im very excited. I hope you have a wonderful holiday and ill see you all in 2014!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Well I had a lot of fun on this project. I had a few set backs with software crashes so the final lighting isnt what i planned, but the over all modeling and sculpting was what i wanted. Learned a lot from this project and now and am glad to have it finished. As of now im gearing up for & entirely new project venture and im excited to do some drawing again!

KungFu Akuma from robert brown on Vimeo.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Yay more stuff

Hey guys got some new stuff to share. firstly I wanted to share a few screen grabs of my akuma redesign im calling " KungFu Akuma". Having a lot of fun with this guy and hoping ill have him finished by early sept. the idea behind this model is to mix him with Chinese and Japanese influence. I also wanted to give him a more psychotic appearance so the smile was the perfect fit. anyway I wound up  making a new material that mimics the mudbox clay a bit so grab it here if you like.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

here is some stuff..for you!

Alright a few things to mention and share and the first thing i wanted to  give mention to is BadKings.. I helped contribute some of my monster parts to them as have many other talented artist in the effort of putting together the most robust and awesome monster kit available just For you! Head on over and check it out  Alright so I have also been  working on two new sculpting brushes focused on form build up and blending between detailing and soft surface shapes. you can grab them here. These brushes were made in 4r4 so they  wont work in any previous version of Zbrush below 4r4.

Alright I have also been working on 2 new materials. One has & old stained bronze look to it,  and the other is a white marble with soft cavity detailing.  try um out and let me know how they work for you.

Alright here are a few screen shots of the progress on this boss character I call angel eater. I  still have to create his weapon and then do a final detail pass on everything before i start retopology on him. This guy will be rigg ready so if anyone wants to rigg or animate him hit me up. ill be including the final version in my 2014 reel so adding some animation to him would be ideal. Alright more to come so ill please stay tuned for the the next round of free stuff.