Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Getting back to the basics

Well a lot has gone down since my last post. Looks like i might have landed a second job doing concept work for an animation studio out in sweden. I have been recently allowing myself to get back into improvisational illustration/automatic drawing. Allowing my self to expunge my subconscious collective of shapes lines life references and aesthetics. Well see what happends :) I had a live stream session the other day which was a blast because a lot of my old and new friends showed up and we all entertained each other into the early morning of the next day which followed. This is what i created during that session.


prasanthtdhar said...

hi man,
your works are Gr8.
i'm prasanth, from india, am a lighting artist and co-founder of a studio named BARE MEDIA LAB(opening recently)

Tuscanny Polk said...

Great stuff Rob! These concepts are very powerful!