Thursday, May 22, 2014

RAAARRRRR!! ..................0_0

Monsters... I love them, you love them, and  who else do we think of when the topic of the  most classic of monsters comes to mind? Godzilla of course! So with his recent re-hatching and total make over, the king Kaiju I had to naturally make a tribute piece in his honor.../her honor?
Im happy with how this turned out and with all my project the acquisition is the real reward in the end.
With this project i learned to sketch and block in mid tones in gray, but when adding color revert back to my original silhouette and drop its value to almost 90% black and then work my tones back up with color and light direction. I also used the base silhouette as overall color layer which really pushed the production forward to its finishing faze.

I also kept my colors desaturated and some what muted during the middle stages of production so that in the end i could add subtle areas of high saturation where i wanted to create focal points of interest.

It was a lot of fun working on this and i think i might do another tribute piece again someday.
If you would like this piece for a wall print for your work space or home I'm selling the digital files with the original psd and all it layers as well as the final image with and with out text for $25.00  24/16" 300dpi

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