Thursday, April 17, 2014

Alright time for another modeling project!

alright well in light of my ramping up for the production of my game i thought i would share the concept art for my next modeling project. Meet "Jig Jaw"A powerful entity that came forth from the depths of the ocean to hunt and consume the souls of defeated warriors. He is a relentless tyrant who springs forth to eviscerate the other contestants’ at any opportunity. His motives seem to be purely blood lust driven. Some say he is the weapon of a higher power unrevealed to the fighters, but one thing that is certain is he is a dangerous and relentless in his pursuit of fresh souls.
Jag jaw appears as a mutated large muscular biped in a hood and cowl mostly hiding his true form. In his second tier form he appears as  a large towering tyrant with  split jaw and head with shark like features. In this form he has large squid like tentacles that spill down from the sides of his head and  back wrapping around his upper torso. His right arm is a single massive hook shape braid of tentacles that changes from a grappling to a stabbing weapon at will.

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