Sunday, May 12, 2013

Free Stuff!

Almost forgot i had this thing! Well a lot has changed in 2013 and change is something we must embrace because it happens without our consent. As bruce lee once put it " bee like wa taah my friend" Adapt to the obstacles life brings your way and learn from each one. You are a student of life so get comfortable.
Alright well I made this post to share some of my tools as when  digi sculpting.

 Fist thing i wanted to share is my putty material which is a modified dynaWax material with adjusted environment color, spec, diffuse, and back scatter depth. I have tweaked this one over the months trying to get a good balance for convex and concave surface form and cavity read. Make sure you load the default DynaWax first before using this It has worked wonders for me in the past.

The next thing i wanted to share is my custom UI which is actually pretty simple in its set up but more focused on my primary sculpting tools and  being able to have easy access button for controlling the light direction, shadow depth and camera focal length as well as back ground gradient and color. Have fun with these and ill have more stuff to share real soon!


NickZ. said...

Nice!!! Very cool of you Robert! :)

robert brown said...

Hey thanks nick. I really love your recent character podcasts. your always making solid teaching content!

Matthew Ullrey said...

Hey Robert, Thanks for the "Freebies." Looking forward to trying out the custom UI.
Matt U.