Monday, December 17, 2012

Closing of a year.

well the year is coming to an end and 2012 has definitely  been a year of growth reward and new beginnings, with one of the biggest additions being the arrival of my son and now him celebrating his first birthday ^^! Everyday im with him is a reward and epiphany as to life's true meanings.

Well I also recently finished up a personal project which simply started off as a random sketch but as with most of my perso nal works tend to evolve as im making it up. Well i decided to take this one a bit further and try out a new work flow approach.

 All the rendering was done in maya and mental ray, with all the sculpting being created in zbrush. the post refinement was done in photoshop cs6. I know people are wondering and have asked me whats up with all the phallic imagery with this guy and my response to that question is why not?

 Art needs not to explain itself, but you will often find hints of cauterization with in gender and sexual nature in alot of my recent works simply because its vast subject for exploration and expression. Aside from that the intent of this concept was to reflect a dark offsetting masculinity that intimidates and entertains the imagination of the viewer. well aside from all that i had fun and im glad to be finished with the project. Alright ill see you in 2013.


Starr from robert brown on Vimeo.

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Ross McKegney said...

Turntable is cool, but have you considered showing off your model in 3D? It's possible that your model is too high poly, but wanted to share in case you hadn't looked into it. Check out