Friday, March 2, 2012

Hello 2012!

yeah yeah yeah I know Im late... lol. Well so much has been going on in my life that i have unfortunately in result neglected to update this blog. Well lets see where to start first. Well my little boy is almost 15 pounds now at only 3 months. He is as strong as an ox and get compliments every where we take him on how handsome he is lol. The nurses rush in to see him during his visits and almost seem to melt around him. Im really looking forward to when he can start crawling and walking lol although I know I might regret saying that later. Alright so other things..well i have been very busy with freelance and just finished up some client work with a small gaming studio by the name of Redcell. Im also booked to start some new work immediately with another gaming studio for browser based content. Also went and picked up the new Samsung 7 tablet pc ^_^ for the next round of freelancing. Loving it so far and ill be sure to post the work i make with it. Something tells me once i get really comphy with it I wont be using my mac book pro much. Alright well until the next update ill catch you guys later.

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