Monday, March 23, 2009


well iv entered dominance war 4 and with this being my first time entering i have this is the most fun iv had in a while. Whats really made me enter was the new Demon class they added this year :)which was all i needed to see lol. My demon is known as " the mockingbird" which is an abomination class demon. The mockingbird demon is a conniving and illusive creature that can be used for a multitude of purposes ranging from full frontal horde attacks to guarding dark trinkets. The demon is a collective of meshed animal and human parts all joined together creating a creature whose very existence is a perversion of the natural world.The specter on the demons back is actually its true form and the body is simply a vessel. The demon spirit is the mockingbirds only true weak spot. successfuly cause a mockingbird specter to dismount and you will destroy its body. The demon gets is name from its distinct habit of keeping the skull of its last victim and using it as a puppeteer device when hunting its human counterparts. The demon does not have a conventional face seeing as it does not interpret the world is ravages with normal human senses ans perception. So here are the first few sketches and a proofing shot with which i will start to lean some of my orthos toward. I was originally thinking of making the mocking bird a pet to a demon prince. The idea is still resonating in the back of my head and if i have some extra time i might try do it. As of now though im gonna start making this guys orthographic shots so i can have the rest of my time to think about color palette and final composition.

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m3ng said...

Nice. You gonna be doing this in Zbrush or as a 2d piece? The side shot is nice but I'd like to see a little more variance in the arms, they all seem to be pretty horizontal. I'd imagine some of the shoulders to be rotated in other angles, kind of like an octopus.

Cool stuff!