Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Yay its warming up again!

Finally its starting to feel like Florida again. Last month we were having some crazy wind chills down here which is odd for a tropical state. I think the coldest it got was like 30 degrees at one point! So far the last 4 days have been some nice 70 degree and 60 degree nights ^_^! Alright in other news I decided to try some different profile shapes seeing as how people kept mistaking my hero guy with some general ant character from the ants movie lmao! Well i think im gonna stick with this profile which has more of the original idea i was envisioning.


John Pierro said...

Hey Robert, love your work!! Really strong all around, very inspiring to see. Great meeting you, and looking forward to bumping into you in the halls. - John

jason said...

Very creative style to your model.


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